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“Salem Sound-A Sense of Place”

2012 - 2013 Watershed Photo Contest

We received hundreds of beautiful photographs that captured the beauty, essence, nature and uses--in each of the four seasons, of
Salem Sound and its watershed communities of Beverly, Danvers, Manchester-by-the-Sea, Marblehead, Peabody, and Salem.

Photographs are of the Salem Sound ecosystem - salt marshes, rocky coastline, beaches, waters, harbors and islands in Salem Sound, as well as the upland rivers, ponds and streams that flow into Salem Sound.


Photo Contest Winners:
Best in Show - Russell Mead for “North Tidepool”

Best Photo Taken in each of the Salem Sound watershed communities:
1. Manchester by the Sea – “Beautiful Burnham Boats” by Perry Burnham
2. Marblehead – “Landing” (Marblehead side of Salem Harbor) by Amy Hamilton

3. Salem – “Stormy Friendship” by Rod Parker

4. Beverly – “Lobsta Boats” by Susan Plutsky

5. Danvers – “Rebecca Nurse Homestead” by Susan Plutsky

6. Peabody – “Pears” by Susan Plutsky


Honorable Mention Winners:

1. “Stretching On” by Erin Carlson
2. “Pedrick’s Mirror” by Stan Franzeen
3. “Winter Island Light” by Stanley Slysz
4. “Taking Flight” by Amy Hamilton

5. “Safe Harbor” and “Glacier Grass” by Susan Plutsky

6. “South End”,  “Sea Ice #1”, Shoreline Rocks by Russ Mead