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Adopt a Beach

Salem Sound Coastwatch's beach program
is unique in many ways:

Become a beachkeeper!

We train each team to conduct a beach survey at their adopted beach. Email or call if you want training: or 978-741-7900.

Volunteer sign-up form  (171 KB Word Doc) Program Description (34 KB PDF)

Teams are:
  • Conducting regular coastal clean-ups, especially after storm events when marine debris is washed ashore and documenting storm damage on Storm Reporter

  • Identifying other problems and issues affecting the beach

  • Visually monitoring for sources of pollution, signs of erosion and evidence of invasive species such as the new invasive plant, pepperweed

  • Collecting samples from stormwater outfall pipes and coastal streams for testing for bacterial contamination (where appropriate)

Understanding long-term stresses on our beaches is important. Team members will help establish benchmarks to enable us to evaluate erosion rate, storm damage and sea level rise over time.